Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moviewatch: Too Many Drops Spoil the Ocean

Julia Roberts is not in Ocean's Thirteen. Could there be a more powerful testament to star power than the total mediocrity inspired by its absence?

The third installment in Steven Soderbergh's hugely popular franchise is one long, lame joke. Smugness is not something I like in a film, and you will not watch a movie more infatuated with itself this summer. The revenge ploy in itself is a puzzle to watch, but its execution is so unbelievable I yawned. Nothing works in this film: not one witty line, not the Valentino suits, not the Vegas cool, not the many many moving parts to the heist. I should have just watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. At least Alba knows she's in a dump.

The biggest con-job this movie pulls is on your wallet. Stay Away.


P. said...

Haha! Thank god I watched it before reading this otherwise your verbal assault would certainly have convinced me otherwise (maybe not, actually. George Clooney vs Kartik Nair? Hmmm).

I actually liked it in bits and pieces. Mostly Brad and Clooney's crackling chemistry :)

Anonymous said...

Kartik! I feel Aamir carries off the college student act with elan.
I'm a HUGE fan of your blog, but as far as this review is concerned, I beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

Deepak Uncle is so very proud of you!